Vail Daily design column: Stylish finds in the Big Apple |

Vail Daily design column: Stylish finds in the Big Apple

Yvonne Jacobs
Design at Altitude
Kathryn McCoy is using natural quartz, calcite and selenite in lamps, bookends, mirrors and even a fireplace surround.
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One of our favorite times of year is mid-August — not for the beautiful summer days but because it’s a chance for us to head to the Big Apple for the semiannual NY Now market, where we have insider access to the latest accessories.

We probably walked about 15 miles per day, traipsing through the Jacob Javits Center, meeting with vendors and picturing what we — and you — will want next year.

The timing is perfect because when seasons change, many of us want to make changes to our home, whether revitalizing for fall or creating coziness for winter. Rearranging furniture is such an easy way to make a room feel new, but I like to add a few fun new pieces, too. Last year, I used bright fuchsias and oranges. This year, I am going with plums and dare I say it? Brass. Brass is back — brushed brass in all incarnations from lighting to frames. Brass and gold have qualities perfect for our winter environment: weight and warmth.

Last year, we saw pops of color, but this year, we noticed dazzling whites, bringing nature indoors, especially by Kathryn McCoy, who used natural quartz, calcite and selenite in lamps, bookends, mirrors and even a fireplace surround. The light was ethereal. Combined with our new line of Charlotte Rhys, a line of home fragrances and candles, I can’t wait to see how it all adds ambiance to my living room. (Fun side note: Charlotte Rhys is a South African company and Slifer Designs will be the only distributor in Colorado. She provides scents for some of the finer accommodation on safari tours.)

And we saw stags head wall decor. They were not lifelike replicas but whimsical caricatures created out of different fabrics. They are fun yet sophisticated enough to work throughout the house. Nearby, we saw a new company created by a former CEO who gave up corporate life to combine his passion for bicycle racing and art. What came out of this emulsion is an interesting line of home furnishings and a trophy head created out of old bicycle seats and handlebars.

Another trend that is picking up steam is that of feathers and arrows. There were natural feathers gilded and framed as well as larger feathers (about 8 to 12 inches long) coated in silver or gold metallic and framed, both creating stunning artwork.

Last but certainly not least, we found some fabulous finds to wear. Just as a pillow can change your home, your purse can update your outfit. We found some luxurious, tote-style soft suedes and leathers. Wrap bracelets are hot now and we will carry a line of leather-and-metal wraps that can be worn either as a necklace or bracelet.

After spending hours indoors, we left the convention center and wandered the streets of New York. This was another treat! We poked our heads into boutiques and stores including Louis Vuitton and Betsey Johnson. Oscar de la Renta caught our attention, of course. The huge display window on Madison Avenue showcased the fashion house’s latest fashion show on mammoth flat screen TV’s. It was inspiring and fresh — and something that would be fun to see right here at home.

Yvonne Jacobs is the president of Slifer Designs. She’s been passionately creating inspired spaces for 17 years. For more design at altitude, stop by the new pop-up store on Gore Creek Drive in Vail or visit the Edwards showroom.

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