Vail Daily doesn’t follow my formula |

Vail Daily doesn’t follow my formula

Duke Hayden
Vail, CO Colorado

Hey, Don, I’m sometimes confused as to your paper’s purpose. I know it’s a small-town paper and I shouldn’t expect much, but sometimes you seem to want to be serious and other times just a resort rag. You obviously have some creative people, especially on the production side, but the basics are what are missing.

Editing of copy is poor; columns are too long; letters to the editor are way too long. Stories jump for just 3 inches; headlines are sometimes bigger than the stories. And how can you get scooped on the photog firing by that glorified shopper? I hope the Mountaineer isn’t influencing you. I’ve noticed that same kind of sarcastic lean to the police beat. It’s not needed. Police reports can be funny all by themselves without editorializing.

And then there’s Linda Boyle. Where do you start? Try this. Next time she’s slated for a column, go to the local elementary school and get a fourth-grader’s report on “How I spent my summer vacation.” Put it in Linda’s column slot, and see if anyone can tell the difference.

Editor’s note: The columnist’s name is Linda Boyne. Actually, her columns are quite popular. Sorry you don’t like them.

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