Vail Daily earns state press awards |

Vail Daily earns state press awards

Daily staff report

DENVER — The Vail Daily and Eagle Valley Enterprise did well during the annual awards competitions hosted by the Colorado Press Association and the Colorado branch of The Associated Press.

Here’s a quick rundown of the awards:

Vail Daily

• Don Sidle: Best Editorial Cartoons, first and second place (“Finally, some good news”; “Summerholics Anonymous”).

• Jon Scharfencamp: Best Use of Multimedia Advertising, first place, third place.

• Staff, Best Website – Daily, Advertising, third place.

• Ed Stoner, John LaConte: Best Breaking News or Non-Deadline Video, first place (On the Hill, winter).

• Ed Stoner, John LaConte, Jon Scharfencamp: Best Multimedia, first place (On the Trail).

• Eric Burgund, Mike McGarvey: Best Real Estate Ad, second place.

• Staff, Best Editorial Layout and Design, first place.

• Randy Wyrick: Best Feature Story, second and third place (“Gator rasslin’ Adventure”; “A soldier’s love story”).

• Randy Wyrick: Best Headline Writing, second place.

• Patrick Connolly: Best Advertising Slogan, third place (Xssentials).

• John LaConte, Ed Stoner, Kip Tingle, Jon Scharfencamp: Best Online Video Interview, first place (On the Trail — Lee’s Way).

• Staff: Best Website — Daily — Interactivity, first place.

• Ed Stoner, John LaConte, Aaron Cessna, Ali Cessna: Best Editorial Special Section, third place (2015 Magazine).

• Ed Stoner, John LaConte, Carly Arnold: Best Editorial Special Section, third place (Sochi Magazine).

• Beth McKenzie, Barby Bridges: Best Small Space Ad, third place.

• Staff: Best Website — Daily — Design, third place.

• Ed Stoner, John LaConte: Best Website — Daily — Multimedia, first place.

• John LaConte, Randy Wyrick: Best Deadline News Reporting, second place (“Founder’s grandson dies in avalanche”).

• Staff: Best Website — Daily — Community, second place.

• Patrick Connolly: Best Use of Color in an Ad, third place.

• Anthony Thornton: Best News Photograph, second place (rockslide).

• Staff: Best Advertising Layout and Design, second place.

• Randy Wyrick: Best Investigative Story Package, second place (“A scam artist passes through the High Country”).

• Amanda Swanson: Best Feature Page Design, first place, second place, third place.

• Carly Arnold, Wren Bova: Best Cover Design, first place (EAT magazine).

• Aaron Cessna, Mark Bricklin: Best Cover Design, second place (2015 magazine).

• Chris Freud: Best Sports Column Writing, first place.

• Beth McKenzie, Barby Bridges: Best Health Care Ad, first place.

• Wren Bova, Ali Doyle Cessna, Lindsey Hogan: Best Advertising Special Section, first place (Vail Health).

• Wren Bova, Mark Bricklin, Carly Arnold: Best Advertising Special Section, second place (EAT magazine).

• Dominique Taylor: Best Sports Photograph, second place.

• Mark Bricklin: Best Website Promotion, second place, third place.

Vail Daily, Associated Press

• Don Rogers: Editorial writing, second place.

• Ed Stoner, John LaConte: Online: Special Package, first place, second place.

• Lauren Glendenning: Series, first place.

• Randy Wyrick, John LaConte: Spot News Story, third place.

Eagle Valley Enterprise

• Pam Boyd: Best Sports Story, first place (“The Bald Truth”).

• Pam Boyd: Best Serious Column Writing, first place (“Don’t let weed impair judgement”).

• Staff: Best Public Service, first place, second place.

• Staff: Best Health Care Ad, second place.

• Staff: Best Classified Page(s) or Section(s), third.

• Pam Boyd: Best Health Feature Story, first place (“Making our community whole”).

• Pam Boyd, Derek Franz: Best Environmental Story, second place (Horn Ranch: A liquid asset).

• Pam Boyd: Best News Story, second place (“Roundabout ouch”).

• Staff: Best Photo Essay, first place (Eagle Flight Days).

• Pam Boyd: Best Story/Picture Combination, first place (“Who let the dogs in?”).

• Amanda Swanson: Best Cover Design, second place.

• Amanda Swanson: Best Feature Page Design, third place.

• Cindy Ramunno: Best Business Feature Story, third place (“Welcome to the Hotel Colorado”).


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