Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: An election free of fools |

Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: An election free of fools

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

It’s that time of year again, when we busily unmake newfound and old friends running for office.

Yes, I know, I’m presuming we have any.

Our recommendations aim to add perspective from our unique vantage. Sometimes you agree with our picks, and just as often, we might as well be the kiss of death. Hey, just so you’re thinking.

The endorsement interviews tend to be fascinating, at least for me, and a little exhausting too. And that’s just herding the cats in the newsroom for these, while they’re all trying to keep up with their normal overload.

But then I think about the toll on our candidates. Yes, I know, they kind of signed up for knocking on all those doors, attending those forums, mixers, fundraisers and all, and then we call not just for stories, but to figure out our recommendations, too.

Naturally,our first question usually is: Why in the world would you want to put yourself through all this? If you win, you’ll just live that lovely adage about friends coming and going, but enemies staying forever.

OK, I exaggerate, though only a little.

I appreciate everyone who puts themselves out there for such public service. I mean, most of us do a clean-up, read to the kids or the like and call it good. These folks actually seek out the opportunity to spend endless hours with the most dull reading imaginable, listen attentively to the most annoying people imaginable and sit through that eternity we know as a board meeting. For. The. Next. Four. Years.

Oh, and then some dumb reporter picks the most aggravating things to ask you about, on topics you least want to talk about, if he or she is any good.

Hey, I’m sure there are fun parts, too. For instance … I’m thinking here. Give me a minute.

Personally, I’m really pleased with our local candidates, and those up to president, too. There are no Palins this time around. Romney’s not half the gaffer we came to expect from W. And our field of county commissioner candidates is solid.

Beneath all the baloney – thank Citizens United for its nonsense and a whole lot of money that could go to genuine causes for good – we have competent choices for all our offices.

That’s not the case every election year. Take the last governor’s and Senate races, for instance.

This election is all about choosing a political direction to best deal with our enormous challenges. Easy to get caught up with relative trifles, I know, but we’re not dealing with a choice between fools in any race.

That’s a big relief in serious times.

Editor and Publisher Don Rogers can be reached at or 970-748-2920.

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