Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Beneath all the baloney, capable candidates for presidency |

Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Beneath all the baloney, capable candidates for presidency

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

I don’t believe Mitt Romney is some sort of Ted Bundy capitalist out to retake America only for the rich and who truly dismisses half the country as worthless leeches feeling entitled.

Nor do I believe for a second that the one-time governor of pinko Massachusetts who brought us the universal health-care system now known as Obamacare truly is anything close to a tea party conservative.

Throw out the emotionally charged bumper sticker nonsense, and we have a capable, competent individual who would do a fine job as president.

Nor do I believe that President Obama is some dim Kenyan-born Muslim hell bent on redistributing the nation into a socialistic society and failed to wave his magic wand to end the recession that apparently any GOP president could have solved easily, only didn’t before it worsened.

Throw out the nonsense and we have a capable and fully competent person in the position playing the cards he’s been dealt, with some errors to be sure, but generally well. And I’d say we’ve upgraded the position, actually.

Romney and Obama pretty much have to etch a sketch a little to appease the loons at the poles of their parties, true. But the reality is Romney is moderate to the right of center, and Obama is moderate to the left .

You don’t make the call to take out Osama or surge in Afghanistan, or start a universal health-care system as the governor of Massachusetts if you truly are way out there.

I think we have the two most competent tickets running since at least the Clinton-Dole race in 1996.

I get the overwrought crap that’s passing for campaigning. For way too many otherwise intelligent people, the other guy can’t merely be on the wrong path — he must also be depraved, incredibly stupid and have so much more power to affect anything than a mere mortal president could possibly have in the first place.

So pardon me if I don’t blame Obama for not changing everything so the sun rises in the west and lions still don’t lie peacefully with lambs (unless it was a good meal). Or don’t expect a miracle from Romney.

I’m also skipping all the accomplishments, screwups, policies and rest of that litany. By now you know it well if you pay any attention at all. If you don’t, I pity you, frankly.

To me, it boils down to direction. If you think the broadly Democratic direction is the way to go now, then it’s Obama. If it’s the other, go with Romney.

I’m going with the Democratic path, this time. The GOP model has been tried, and looking ahead, it still doesn’t meet the baloney test.

Editor and Publisher Don Rogers can be reached at or 970-748-2920.

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