Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: GOP gets in way of recovery |

Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: GOP gets in way of recovery

Don Rogers
Vail, CO. Colorado

Call us Greece, only with increasingly funnier names for each crisis.

“Debt ceiling,” “fiscal cliff,” now “sequestration.”

The race to each deadline, all that amping up of drama, Democrats railing about the incalculable looming damage to the fragile recovery of the economy, Republicans drawing “firm” lines in the sand and then backing off at the last second … or maybe after tonight’s deadline this time.

Oh, and each crisis is dumber than the last. The relevant image here is the movie “Blazing Saddles” when the sheriff threatens to shoot himself in the head, played over and over.

“Son of Debt Ceiling” is scheduled for May, by the way, after whatever strange new moniker will be given to the government running out of money later this month.

All of these crises were manufactured politically. So this is less about threatening to shoot ourselves in the head and more about primarily the House Republicans shooting themselves constantly in the foot while crying about that meanie Obama making them do it.

Given how ridiculous that bunch has been, they actually are helping the country begin to see straight, end the ugly run of the tea party movement, and maybe – yes, I’m way too optimistic – crack a window for the possibility of statesmanship to begin to work on our big challenges intelligently, prudently, practically.

It’s a tough thing when a political body does all it can to stop the recovery from the Great Recession. Bad enough when the stated aim of the party leadership is not to make a great country greater, but to hold the president to one term for the lowest political reasons. Um, fellas … you lost. Even Karl Rove finally figured out this much.

I used to think the Democrat nuts were even worse than the Republican ones, but I’m rethinking that now.

These made-up crises won’t stop until the Republicans no longer run the U.S. House. They still seem to think they can tag the president for blame, but why are they playing roulette with the country’s ultimate well-being in such a tender time?

How do they not understand that playing this game only keeps giving the president a stronger and stronger hand? That’s the irony in all this. They don’t realize they keep dealing aces to that hated Obama, and he’s much sharper than the guy he replaced.

The Republicans are acting even dumber than the names of these crises, and seem oblivious to the fact.

We’re not in fact Greece. We don’t really need to gin up crisis after crisis to get in our own way.

The only real crisis is the GOP’s self-inflicted one.

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