Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Palin, right on cue |

Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Palin, right on cue

Don Rogers
Vail, CO Colorado

Well of course Sarah Palin is running. Momma Grizzly is not standing by while the GOP frontrunner is someone who started the whole Obamacare thing. No way.

Not while the rest of the field is a Newt and a bunch of nobodies.

Besides, the time is right. She needs to reclaim the popular appeal that launched her into celebrity.

She can’t really afford to sit this out and risk becoming irrelevant, right? Not with another Ann Coulter disciple rising out of the brush. Michele Bachmann would gladly snatch the tea partiers who have held true to Palin through her dramatic desertion of her Alaska governorship, reality life on camera and off, glib persona.

I must say the primaries will be a lot more interesting for her presence.

I’m still registered Republican, RINO as I’ve become. Davids Gergen and Brooks are still in, after all.

The big tent has compressed plenty under the weight of Rush Limbaugh. But I still harbor an irrational belief that the sensible GOP will make a comeback. And I’ll note the Democrats are at least as bereft of grownups as the Republicans.

Looking at primary season, the GOP at least will offer choices, dismal and ridiculous as they may be.

Remember that Bill Clinton came from nowhere because the Democratic top guns quailed before the poll numbers of George H.W. Bush. And we know how that went.

Why not Palin?

There are some logical reasons why not. There’s Joe Lieberman, for example, another very popular vice presidential candidate who briefly looked like a front-runner for the Democrats four years after observers liked him so much they wondered aloud why he was playing second fiddle to Al Gore in 2000. He faded quickly in 2004, the times having passed him by.

Politically, even if there’s something to the argument, scaring the old folks with the notion of losing Medicare is a crippling blow to the GOP. Sarah won’t conjure much fear with her “death panel” quips by comparison.

And it’s not clear that she’s learned since the 2008 campaign where to find Pakistan on a globe.

We won’t know whether Tina Fey is parodying Sarah Palin or the other way around.

I suppose that’s the point. I have entirely the wrong attitude toward the primaries and the presidential race.

It’s become entertainment. Maybe that’s a good thing under the circumstances.

If you sensible Republicans can’t laugh, you’re crying by now.

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