Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Season over so soon? |

Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Season over so soon?

Don Rogers
Vail, CO Colorado

Ski season swept by in a blur, one long blizzard. And it will end, abruptly, on Sunday.

That’s Easter Sunday, the second latest date the holiday ever happens and the latest since Vail Mountain opened 49 years ago.

It’s kind of funny now, looking back to about this time last year as Vail Mountain’s chief, Chris Jarnot, worried aloud at a town event over whether there’d be enough snow to make it this far.

I laughed at the memory Tuesday, as Vail Fire Chief Mark Miller joked that Air National Guard helicopters were scheduled to fly over the new West Vail Fire Station for its christening as he looked up into the snowfall and the crowd laughed.

Was it a productive season? Well, a quarter of a century after a judge ordered it and the Town Council kept finding other priorities, the station was built in about a ski season. It’s nice, too.

Of course, that’s not exactly the standard most of us live by out here. Enough epic powder to fend off talk of global warming is more like it.

My best memory of the season was First Tracks during the American Ski Classic, knee high in uncut powder at Northwoods, of all busy places. It was a surprise, and therefore all the sweeter. Funny how having no expectations can bring on ecstasy. Maybe more so because I generally have expectations, only some unrealistic.

Mostly, I just heard and read about what a great year this was. Away from the slopes, our recession wears on enough that people like me are so grateful for a job that we’ll gladly take two. That and the siren song of sport for me unfortunately is basketball over boarding. Yes, something definitely is terribly wrong.

I thought about that breaking in Northwoods that First Tracks morning, and still off I schlepped to the gym for noon hoops when the next powder day beckoned.

Of course, having that kind of choice is great. As is summer. My college daughter threw down the gauntlet the other day over the phone.

“So, you running the Hill Climb this year?” she asked.

“No way. How about you?”

I’m thinking about it. I will if you will.”

I hate her sometimes. Looks like we have some trail running ahead of us.

But the ski season’s not quite over yet. It’s still a little early to talk about summer when we’re still getting pummeled.

Last day is Sunday. Spring Back is tied in with concerts to go with the pond skimming and other hoopla, including the holy day services.

And the snow still is pretty good. Who’d a thunk? See you out there.

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