Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: The worst of life’s ironies |

Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: The worst of life’s ironies

Don Rogers
Vail, CO Colorado

Real life intrudes with nothing like … death.

Not just death, but in this case a young child’s death. A colleague’s young son passed in the night, a tragic shock.

This is the worst kind. Our hearts break for her, having to endure the darkest side of parenthood, living what all of us fear most, even more than our own demise.

This is the second time in too short of a time that a friend lost a little one like this. That would be two too many, thank you very much.

I know the drill. The stunning news, much watered down, of course, but still a hard, hard blow. Tears I don’t let others see. Seeing folks step up to comfort and help any way they can. The dismay that something like this can even happen.

And a little guilt, well more than a little, at circumstances that have allowed nearly all of us to raise ours to adulthood and take pride in the fruits and frustrations of all that.

While they must carry this impossible burden.

The preacher tries to make sense of it, and of course he cannot. He can only touch on the mystery, express faith that there must be a plan, there must, even if we mere mortals have no clue.

God knows. Whatever your faith, however you care to enunciate the phrase, perhaps even throw up your hands. It’s a simple truth. Because we sure don’t.

Mom and Dad bear this burden forever, and I sure don’t see the higher good of it. I expect they will be called upon sometime in the future to also be beacons for parents who suffer similar fates, an inevitable part of life.

I also see their religious faith pulling them through. These parents suffer, no question, but they are unlikely to grow bitter. Their church and congregation will be a major factor in this.

That and time, as the mother of the mother who lost her child expressed in the service Monday morning. I’m sure time won’t take the ache away, but eventually it will make it bearable. This is a gift, albeit a small one.

This we know well with the loss of friends and relatives.

Ultimately, we know if never quite believe, we all have this appointment, as the preacher put it while inviting everyone in the pews to pray for the child, to pray for the family, and to pray for themselves.

I believe it’s true we don’t treasure life so much as when we confront death. This explains the adrenaline junkies. But whatever God’s plan, a parent having to bury her baby just sucks the most.

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