Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Woe to demon kid-haters |

Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Woe to demon kid-haters

Don Rogers
Vail, CO Colorado

John Kerry-like, I was for the kids before I was against the kids, before I became a heartless child-hater who would deny them all chance of any future if the school district didn’t get this specific tax hike passed.

Never mind that the bond issue a few years ago made sense to me and I voted eagerly for it. I even bit on the county’s child-care proposal, seeing that as a sound investment in the future. The 2002 school tax hike, too.

But I do have previous experience with this emotional quiver, these arrows shot reflexively at those who dare question the wisdom of any tax that deals with our offspring.

I voted against the levy that sunseted for something else and the district wanted to keep, to my thinking just to keep. For the children.

That sentiment makes for wonderfully poignant monologues that don’t necessarily make a lot of sense. And, I apologize, but I do sometimes giggle when one band of parents arguing “for the children” opposes another band that’s every bit as earnest about their high ground “for the children.”

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Question: Do you actually know anyone who really is against children? Seriously.

Why don’t we care as much about the family left homeless because the closest fire station closed, the robbery victim because there are too few cops, the guy who died after a crash because rescuers couldn’t get him the right treatment soon enough, the mom and kids who live with abuse because the county had to cut back on social workers, and on and on because we threw it all at the schools in some mad, vague, emotional quest “for the children”? (Chant after me.)

Don’t we have other crucial responsibilities as a society, too? Yes, I’m exaggerating as crazily as some of the more hysterical appeals over this this ballot measure.

When our income drops as it has, is it really very smart to add little bits here and there to the tax burden and just pretend the boom hasn’t ended and our property values haven’t plummeted?

You may have a different answer than I do. You’re probably a lot brighter than I am. But this is a logical question.

So please spare opponents the crap that they don’t care about their community or their children if they don’t agree with you this time.

An awful lot of us will vote for investment in the schools and other essential services when they make sense to us.

Make your logical case – you have a good one. I might not flop, but intelligent arguments will get voters thinking hard, as they should.

Drop the insults, though. They’re not even true.

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