Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Colorado serves as model for Republicans |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Colorado serves as model for Republicans

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Watch, the Republicans will pull a Colorado in the presidential election.

That is, snatch another loss from the jaws of sure victory.

For some reason, this party loves the loony choices, or the crippled ones. Remember Dan Maes, Tom Tancredo, Scott McInnis running for governor? Yes, of course, Tancredo ran as a third party candidate for this race. Dude’s a Republican in reality.

But these guys might have had more going on than Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry and who’s next?

Oh yeah, Herman Cain. Maes had his ultimately humorous misremembering of how he came to be fired as a Kansas cop and undercover work that no one else could remember, and McInnis managed to get caught not even doing his own work for a white paper or blog worth $300,000 or so, along with a couple public appearances at community service club meetings. No campaign violations occurred in all this. Of course.

The inevitable dredging of Cain’s past has turned up four women, so far, accusing him of mischief leading to two settlements for sexual harassment claims.

His memory suddenly has gone very bad, worse even than Rick Perry’s. Cain’s 15 minutes were about up anyway in the search for anyone but Mitt Romney, who while governor of Massachusetts pioneered what now is widely derided among the GOP as “Obamacare.”

But what was comical, especially during The Donald’s turn as the front runner, has turned sordid.

Really, another politician as cad? And these folks wonder why they get stereotyped in the movies. More like straight journalism, it seems.

Meantime, just as the Democrats had no chance to retain the governorship in Colorado, Obama has nuthin’ going for him now, other than the Republicans scaring up jokes and political cripples for candidates.

And so, just as John Hickenlooper coasted to victory last fall, it sure looks like the GOP also is clearing Obama’s path for another four years.

Oh, Cain will soldier on for at least a few more news cycles, and then disappear into the scrum. The primaries will start to pile up, and the Republicans will wind up with Romney.

Other than getting tangled up in explanations about flip-flopping a la John Kerry, Romney’s problem is he’s half Democrat. That might be a sin worst of all for today’s red-blooded Republican.

Meantime, imagine the debate moment when Romney ducks and dodges about the Massachusetts model for Obamacare, and Obama says two words to him: “Thank you.”

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