Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: How to kill TABOR now |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: How to kill TABOR now

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

The surest way to end the reign of TABOR would be to pass those ballot measures in November.

After all, the best move the Republicans could make in the wake of the Bush presidency was for Democrats to take over Congress and the White House.

The Party of No didn’t even have to start standing for anything to get there. A little co-opting of the tea party movement (or the other way around) and voila!

So maybe we should vote for Amendments 60 and 61, along with Proposition 101. Let’s not settle for smaller government. Let’s go for no government. See how that suits.

Myself, I’m ready for the amendment to stop tacking on flimsy flim flam amendments to the state Constitution – at least quite so easily.

Make ballot measures all statutory. That way bad ideas can be fixed relatively quickly. As it stands now, every whimsy has potential to do real, lasting damage.

Like some say TABOR has done. That’s short for Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

Mostly I like it, although throw in Amendment 23, Gallagher and whathaveyou like pinches of salt and the whole brew has gone bad.

So let’s make it so rank and unworkable that we have to start all over.

All we have to do is pass 60, 61 and 101. Fully strangle state and local governments including education, make Colorado anathema to business, and turn us all back into Democrats as quickly as Obama brought the GOP roaring back to relevance.

Yee haw.

You have to admire Douglas Bruce-inspired nooses on governments large and small.

Even Club 20, as conservative a group as exists, protests these measures as draconian.

Governments, “nonpartisan” think tanks and Democrats you can dismiss to a degree. Of course they don’t like moves designed to cut off government funding. But when conservatives and conservative groups ring the same bell of warning, well, you know something is up.

How to cripple government and expose our collective need for it after all? Make sure school districts can’t build new schools, water districts can’t provide clean water, the state fix the roads. Make sure they can’t borrow seasonally to cover bills. Cut charges on vehicles and phones and such to the quick.

Let’s just starve the whole mass of governments! Just vote these measures into force the issue. We’ll learn exactly what we’ve taken for granted.

Then we’ll start over, beginning with TABOR. Brilliant!

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