Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: How to stop those nasty political ads on TV |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: How to stop those nasty political ads on TV

I must confess little sympathy for those so, so tired of the negative campaign ads on television.

Why did you watch?

Between TiVo and timing your bathroom breaks, there’s no reason. Only suckers actually watch TV commercials these days.

And you already knew that these ads are content-free horror shows, pure fiction. Worthy of laughter, not worry.

My favorite complaint came in an NPR story about these ads that I heard on the way home last week.

The reporter interviewed some nice suburban types from Somewhere Nice USA about their dismay over this increasingly dark side of politics.

One earnest lady declared that she was very busy and had no time for this stuff. It was so pervasive. OMG, there was no es-cape! How was she supposed to get good information?

Oh, I don’t know. Turn off the television? Maybe read a paper or news magazine or legitimate website? Doesn’t seem that difficult.

Truly busy people don’t watch much television to begin with, and they certainly don’t sit through the commercials. Only folks busy camping in front of the blue tube would say such a thing.

Which is the real problem.

We like to veg. Too many of us, anyway. Besides, going negative appears to work. Stoke that fear, baby. We like to complain more than we like to think. And more than we like to do just about anything besides sit in front of a screen watching crap, political commercials included.

I managed to miss it all. The closest I got to negative television advertising was hearing stories about it during the morning and evening commute. This was one of the blessings of being too busy with the job this year.

I have to tell you, the “news” about the truth of the political advertising is a little annoying itself. We know where to go when we want genuine news and to know what the candidates stand for, as opposed to just how rotten the other guy or gal surely is.

But I get lazy, too, I know. I have no real cause to hold my nose at the nice suburban lady.

I have my own guilty pleasures that are thoroughly worthless in the grand scheme. My wife and I still have a couple of sci-fi shows we watch — recorded, of course. And while I’m pretty much unhooked from baseball and football now, I still can’t quite beat back the urge to watch basketball. Thankfully, though, that sport is out of synch with election season.

Until we stop watching, the ugly ads will continue. That baloney doesn’t work unless we let it. Sorry, but we’re the ones in control. We’re to blame.

So quit watching. Please!

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