Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Love that new Vilar ‘Underground’ series |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Love that new Vilar ‘Underground’ series

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

“What, the stars are the roadies, too? You all are getting too big for this, aren’t you?”

I don’t remember exactly what I hollered as my wife and I walked back past the Vilar after a beer at the Dusty Boot in Beaver Creek following the first show of the “Underground” concert series.

I do remember that the Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers band members laughed while hustling their gear onto their bus and came over to hug my wife as she loved them up with praise for the show Sunday night.

We’d seen them before, at the Bluebird in Denver around 2005 or 2006, and my wife saw them another time.

Good band, lots of energy and fun.

Some, like us, know ’em, and most don’t. Up and comers.

Exactly what the Vilar Performing Arts Center folks were looking for to stage for their new series, Executive Director Kris Sabel said. They’re onto something.

Next Sunday is Martin Sexton, and the next the Elephant Revival Band. Colin Hay, of Men at Work, you might have heard of. Other artists lined up for the series are Dala, Taylor Carson and Susan Werner.

We’re hooked and plan to see them all this fall. The Vilar, as you know, has the best sound on the planet. If possible, the crowd for the Sixers was even more relaxed than the usual. They even let folks sit with their drinks.

On Sunday it was a small crowd, which made the atmosphere more intimate, nightclubish. We loved it.

I hear that Sexton is great. Our High Life editor, Caramie Schnell, said interviewing him was so interesting that she’s coming Sunday just because of the interview.

Tickets range from $15 to $30. You can listen to samples of the performers on the Vilar’s website at as well as learn more about the series.

Along with showcasing great talent we may not know yet, the lower prices and music might also attract a new crowd to the Vilar.

I know we like the idea. A lot. There’s nothing more fun than seeing a great band or musician before they get too big and unapproachable.

The band members Sunday night seemed genuinely happy to engage with a couple of fans.

And we look forward to bragging about how we knew them back when, packing their gear themselves.

Sort of like when Dave Matthews played Vail and no one had heard of him.

Now it’s all stadiums and arenas for that band, each member with his own bus and road crew.

Someday, Sixers. …

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