Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Reynolds rocks Vail’s Sandbar |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Reynolds rocks Vail’s Sandbar

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

The greatest guitar virtuoso you’ve never heard of — Tim Reynolds — played the Sandbar last week.

Turns out the lead guitar player for the Dave Matthews Band and Dave’s silent partner on acoustic tours sings and has some personality himself.

Who knew? I didn’t before seeing him and his band TR3 take the stage around 11:15 last Thursday night. Yes, way past my bedtime.

I was among a handful of gray beards in the crowd of a couple of hundred — mostly young bucks in ski caps and dancing ladies in proportion to Vail’s rep often cited by women as the odds being good, and the goods being odd.

No matter. My wife and I had the best spot in the house to admire Reynolds’ skill and enjoy the trio’s performance, just a few feet from the man hisself.

I’d describe his style as comparing favorably to Jeff Beck. But I’m a fan and therefore not entirely to be trusted. Suffice to say he’s awfully good at what he does, though.

It was amazing to be in arm’s reach at the Sandbar vs. 50 or more rows back in an arena or about that the last time I saw him perform a few years ago at the Santa Barbara County Bowl with Dave Matthews.

Dave tells all the jokes, does all the singing. Tim doesn’t even have a microphone when he performs with the band. He just cranks out these amazing riffs and solos.

And he didn’t disappoint at the Sandbar, where we hit a time warp back to our 20s. For me, that was Santa Barbara in the 1980s, where I was that “odd good” until meeting the young woman now by my side this night in west Vail.

The young bucks were no different than me at that age, the dancing ladies just as apparently heedless of the male interest as they were back then. Only thing different was I had no part in this play other than observer. And to them, perhaps, curiosity. Never mind that the band members they’d come to see were my age.

Maybe the highlight for me was all of us singing “Radar Love” word for word together at the end, we as amazed that the kids knew the song as they were at this older couple rocking till the end, howling into the wee hours of a weeknight.

I’m sure our children now in college would have been embarrassed, though maybe not. We’re not always known to act our age.

I laugh when I hear old people just my age bemoan how things have changed. Town just isn’t the same as it was before, when we were young, blah, blah.

Yeah it is. Santa Barbara as well as Vail. We just grew out of it.

Or not.

Don Rogers is the editor and publisher of the Vail Daily. He can be reached at or 970-748-2920. He welcomes your comments at

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