Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Summer flies by |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Summer flies by

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Something’s wrong if you can’t think of a thing to do this weekend, like the rest of the season just ending.

The short summer is closing with a bang, or at least a bunch of events, this Labor Day Weekend. It’s the last bash. So soon.

Oktoberfest, Jazzfest, Gourmet on the Gore, farmers markets in just about every town, high school sports contests including the first football games of the season (and college on TV), every bar with a band, special nights at each restaurant, all the campsites filled.

Oh yeah, and on Sunday, the annual swarm of yellow rubber ducks in Gore Creek, with swarm to match on the banks, hoping their number is called for a fabulous prize. I’m sure the Rotary Club still is selling tickets fast as you read.

A few weeks ago it was snowing at Piney Lake. Well, I guess that was early-ish June. Seems like forever ago and yesterday at the same time.

Spring was pretty much all snow, and summer has been a blizzard of activity, more events than ever. As the economy got tough, the organizers got really busy.

In a blink, TEVA, Bravo!, dance fest, Hot Summer Nights, too many golf tourneys to name and one bocce tournament, a kickball tournament, Flight Days, Gypsum Daze, the county fair and rodeo buzzed by. We even had a demolition derby this summer, and it was packed to the gills. Lacrosse, soccer and volleyball tournaments brought even more folks up here than usual this year. The cycling and running races.

And it occurs to me that I’ve left out more than I’ve named. The Vail Symposium, Bookworm, Walking Mountains and Vilar did their part with cultural happenings. The Vail Valley Institute put on an excellent program on the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The galas vied with golf tournaments in number, I think, and some raised really big dollars in donations, too.

More sadly — and at the same time heart-warming — are the myriad fundraisers for neighbors who have become seriously ill or injured.

Lots of weddings. Our family had one. I learned that I had no idea how much goes into these things — and then after for the relatives who linger for that Colorado vacation afterward. That means horse rides, rafting, fishing, hiking, visiting the Glenwood Caverns, and long drives into the mountains.

Come to think of it, I never left the mountains this summer, other than a day on biz the first week of June.

Can’t say I missed civilization at all. Didn’t even think about it. Where was the time?

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