Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Tebow can too throw |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Tebow can too throw

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Tim Tebow completed a solid 66 percent of his passes in college while winning a Heisman and couple of national championships along the way.

The mockery, doubts and piling on him early in his Broncos tenure may have been well earned, so far, but I see the “can’t pass” as a phase rather than the final chapter. The experts said it early in his college career, too. And were wrong, big time.

Yes, the Broncos savior/goat’s mechanics for the quicker NFL must tune up.

There’s the experience factor that young quarterbacks – including one legendary John Elway – must endure.

And there could be something mental, like the second baseman in baseball who suddenly can’t make the easiest throw in the game. This tripped up two all-stars, Steve Sax and Chuck Knoblauch, in their primes.

But I see the “elite” quarterbacks routinely muff lots of throws, too. Well, other than the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers.

Line me up with the critics of the Broncos’ play calling in this debate. I’m a run-first fan, no question. But just as basketball scorers get rolling with layups and foul shots – the easy stuff to develop rhythm and confidence – the Broncos ought to be tossing some short passes into the mix of plays early.

Run, run, run may be good for DMC. But a couple of easy pass plays would set up the Broncos and their rumbling, rambling, running quarterback who, ahem, I’ll repeat, managed to complete two-thirds of his throws at Florida.

You think those long strikes when the game’s on the line are just luck? Every time? Some announcers, color men, pundits and a coach or two know less than we rubes just watching on TV.

Kid has a long windup? Account for that in the game plan. That’s play action, bootlegs, option-esque for sure. It’s also simplifying the reads and being a little creative with the X’s and O’s. Why is it that plays now all have to be designed for Tom Brady?

The problem here is less the player than the lemming-like coaching that sets and accentuates trends in the league, even ones that don’t necessarily make the most sense for a particular player’s unique talents.

The Broncos can win with Tebow and win with him passing. They have already.

He’s a kid, going through what Peyton Manning, John Elway and other quarterbacks rushed into starting roles too early all did. Rodgers got to sit behind Brett Favre for three seasons, and he struggled at first, too.

Sheesh, have a little faith.

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