Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Would you vote for a liar? |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Would you vote for a liar?

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Writers’ spouses everywhere are elbowing their loved ones.

“What do you mean freelancing is a dangerous career move? It seemed to work out great for this guy, Scott McInnis. And Honey, we really could use $300,000. Looks like you don’t have to really write or even look at the stories you turn in.”

Is this a great country or what?

You can finally tell the mean ol’ editor at the office where exactly he or she can go, hitch up with the Hasan Foundation or somesuch, and get right to work on … your golf game.

Really, what is so difficult about this? Looks pretty darn easy.

Meanwhile, mean ol’ editors everywhere — long used to demanding that writers actually use their own words and make the supreme effort to type “he said” after the words of others — are re-examining budgets.

Really, $300,000 for a handful of articles almost no one read?

Then there’s this whole plagiarism issue. One set of writing concerns a researcher who sent McInnis the words of a water judge, and McInnis used the researcher’s words that really were the water judge’s. Double plagiarism?

And in another case, a conservative scholar says he gave McInnis permission to use his exact words as McInnis’ own. So it was a case of “permissible” plagiarism. The technical term here would be ghost writer.

It must be such a headache for the poor guy who wants to be governor to use his own actual words and thoughts. Does he have any?

I mean, who would actually be making the decisions if he won office? If the Hasans weren’t so mortified by this whole plagiarism thing, maybe $300,000 more and they get to make up Scott’s mind on a thing or two.

What does this guy think about anything anyway? Besides pretending someone else’s words are your own and that’s pretty much OK?

It’s not like the Hasans seriously expected the politician to become a scholar any more than pot dispensaries have much to do with medicinal uses of marijuana.

But is this really such a big deal? Only if lying bothers you. Permissible or not, it’s about passing yourself off as someone you are not.

The McInnis camp’s excuses are embarrassing. The evidence of reckless judgment at best and no judgment whatsoever at worst doesn’t leave me thinking this is someone I’d ever trust as governor.

Yikes. Here comes my first vote for a tea party candidate, Dan Maes. And here’s to the Dems likely dodging a bullet in an election they should lose.

Now, what to tell the wife about that freelance career?

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