Vail Daily editor missed the point of inauguration celebration completely |

Vail Daily editor missed the point of inauguration celebration completely

Peter Bergh
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding your rant about the cost of the presidential inauguration, I wish to put the event in proper perspective to determine if the book was worth the candle, for I think it most certainly was.

On this issue, your somewhat unseemingly strident voice mingles with those of the outraged segregationists, the whiners in the party that lost, fundamentalist bigots across the land, and the portly pundits who spew their irrational venom over hate radio and the nether regions of television. Quite amusing to me, considering that apparently a vast majority of our country and most of the rest of the world thought that it was a jolly good show overall.

Let us assume that the cost of the event will prove to be approximately $150 million, money very well spent in my opinion, for an event that captured and expressed the hopes and dreams of many millions of people in the United States, and billions of souls around the world, who have struggled for centuries for this event to occur was most certainly worth whatever the cost.

A large percentage of the expenditures for the event were directly related to massive security precautions necessitated by our failed foreign policies around the world, and much of the expense will be returned to governmental coffers in the form of taxes generated by the economic stimulus the event gave to the economy of greater Washington.

We now know that $150 million buys the pride of a nation and spreads massive amounts of hope and goodwill around the globe, but what else might this amount of money buy? Prince Bandar’s spread in Aspen plus a guest house for the staff? Three reasonably tricked-out Grumman G-5.5s? One Airbus 380? The contemplated exit off I-70 to Eagle-Vail airport? The cost of a few days of our war effort in Iraq? Nine percent of the budget for “Never Vail”?

Well done, Barack Obama and the Inauguration Planning Organization. You are to be commended for a great event carried off without a major hitch!

Once again, I feel great pride in our nation and its leaders and feel that our illustrious editor doth protest too much and respectfully suggest that he re-shuffle his bones.

Peter Bergh


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