Vail Daily editorial: Job one for us snow farmers |

Vail Daily editorial: Job one for us snow farmers

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

For snow farmers, it’s harvest time.

Mother Nature has been in a giving mood, that seems to be setting up a nice season this year.

Just in time, too. The mountain economy for the moment is a tale of two communities.

The business community directly connected to the ski hills has reason to feel pretty good right now. Lots of activity and visitors to match the snow, over a dozen feet since opening day in late November.

This wave hasn’t quite rolled through the economy farther from the slopes yet, though. The community more tied to development and construction of course is living with that “new normal”the experts see persisting for a while yet.

Real estate has been on a little upswing from the depths of 2009 as more buyers begin to see this is a pretty good time to purchase with the deals out there, all things considered.

Yes, we’re far from the 2007 peak of the boom, but we’re finding the sun still rises, the snow still falls, and plenty of people passionate for the mountain sports and lifestyle find that this is a great place to play and stay.

In short, this valley is all about the skiing and fun for visitors again. Tourism is back as the No. 1 driver of our economy.

That’s great because we offer the best winter experience, hands down. It’s also a challenge to everyone who lives here to make sure we’re also the most welcoming place on earth.

We all have a stake in making sure our guests – and that’s what they are, all of our guests – have a great time while they are here.

If our love for this place rubs off on them, this will fuel an economy that allows us to enjoy these blessings year-round. The economy may not roar again for some time, if ever, but a smooth purr may prove better anyway. Beats sputtering, that’s for sure.

We each have a hand in helping it happen in an era when tourism is the undisputed king. This is a pretty easy role, if you think about it – just sharing the joy of the season.

There’s certainly more of it to share.

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