Vail Daily editorial: May Christmas be merry |

Vail Daily editorial: May Christmas be merry

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Every year about this time in an Upstate New York prison town, the assistant police chief would call the editor of the town’s paper with a request.

“For Christmas, how about you have all good news in the paper? No negative stuff. Nothing bad.”

“We’d like that, too,” the editor would say.

“Well, just do it then. All good news, for once. Just once. You can do that.”

And so a discussion would replay. We hope there’s nothing bad, but bad things happen every day, especially in prison towns. It just is.

“You don’t have to report it,” the officer would say.

“OK, I’ll tell you what,” the editor would reply. “Just don’t arrest anyone, don’t respond to any calls dealing with crimes, and we won’t have to report on it.”

“Can’t do that.”


It’s much easier in a ski town. We do have days with nary a cloudy word in the local paper, and legitimately so.

Some grinches crab that the paper isn’t negative enough. All this “Happy Valley” stuff is just too much. Generally these are folks who haven’t gotten out in awhile to understand how good we have it here, even now. More places are like the prison town than the ski town, after all.

What do you say to that besides what the editor had to tell the police officer: “Sorry about that.”

We can’t say as this editorial is under construction what today’s news might bring for the Christmas Day issue. We hope to be able to fulfill the police officer’s earnest wish.

The fundamental truth, however, is that we’re duty bound to cover what is and can be confirmed, not what we hope for or what we’re sure must be out there.

Odds are, though, that the valley will have another good day (sorry Grinches), and we’ll report this faithfully. If not, we’ll get that, too.

Even for editors, though, it’s a lot better to be here than there. Merry Christmas.

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