Vail Daily editorial: New life for Christian school |

Vail Daily editorial: New life for Christian school

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Anonymous donations have rescued the Vail Christian High School from the depths of recession.

The latest anonymous donation of $3.2 million came during Christmas vacation, on the eve of a suddenly very bright new year for the school in Edwards.

Parents of a former student were impressed with the education the school provided for their child and have the means to ensure lots of other children have similar opportunities.

The school had committed the classic “sin” of not foreseeing the big bursting of the economy to come and built the nicest new campus in the valley. They were in great company, however, as lots of folks bought or built with pricetags that would become millstones in short order.

And so, sunk deeply in debt, the school announced it would have to close last year. Then, the first miracle toward saving the school came in the form of donations ranging from dollar bills to a “seven figure” contribution, along with the bondholders working out a buyout that cut the debt from $12 million to $6 million.

This reprieve brought life for another school year, but no promises beyond that. The school put one of its two buildings on campus up for sale, and the Calvary Chapel Vail Valley moved in with the intent of raising funds to purchase.

The new donation puts the school on a solid foundation, and it no longer needs to sell the building with the auditorium and gymnasium. The church is welcome to stay put, too.

Being Christian faithful, naturally the school leaders are calling this turn a Christmas miracle, and certainly that’s true. But it’s also a very nice first step into the new year.

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