Vail Daily editorial: Still waiting for a local voice |

Vail Daily editorial: Still waiting for a local voice

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

First things first: We applaud the selection of Summit County School District Superintendent Millie Hamner to replace State Rep. Christine Scanlan as our voice in Denver.

Hamner was picked by a committee to replace Scanlan, who was appointed to a position in Governor-elect John Hickenlooper’s administration about 15 minutes after she won re-election to her seat in the legislature. We wish her well, but Hickenlooper’s gain is our loss.

We think Hamner will be a solid replacement for Scanlan. Mainly, we appreciate the fact that she won’t need a map to find most county neighborhoods. Hamner has spent the last decade in Summit County, but before that spent 23 years as a teacher and administrator with the Eagle County School District. She still has many friends on this side of Vail Pass.

With that said, we’re going to trot out an old complaint: It’s long, long past time Eagle County had one of its own in the Statehouse. The last county resident to hold a seat in the Colorado Legislature was Rep. Danny Williams, who left office in 1992.

Since then, we’ve been represented by Jack Taylor of Steamboat Springs, a Republican, and a succession of Democrats, from Leadville’s Carl Miller to a succession of Summit County residents, from Dan Gibbs to Gary Lindstrom to Scanlan, and now Hamner.

Nothing against any of those people, but the fact is that no matter how our district has been drawn for the last 20 years, the Eagle River Valley has had the most people to represent. This valley has enough dedicated, talented people that we should have had at least one person take on that job at some point.

We hope that someday, a dedicated local resident will launch a successful campaign to represent our community in Denver. The numbers are there, but the right candidate, at the right time, has yet to surface.

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