Vail Daily editorial: Summer’s swan song? |

Vail Daily editorial: Summer’s swan song?

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

If you go by unofficial calendars, this is the last week of the summer season.

Wait — what?

That’s right, folks. The summer season’s unofficial end is Labor Day, and that holiday weekend is upon us. Kids are back in school, and we’re starting to see the first flashed of fall colors on our still-green hillsides.

While our precious, fleeting months of long, warm days and brisk nights are quickly coming to an end, those of us who live here — along with an ever-growing number of guests know something about that unofficial calendar: The page is about to turn to perhaps the most delightful month we have.

While nights are growing longer — and cooler — September still brings plenty of sun and warmth. Our trails remain open for hiking and biking, and the hillsides through the month take on the golden hues that remind us all of the glory of our natural surroundings.

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While there are more visitors hereabouts than there used to be, locals get a bit of elbow room in their playgrounds.

September, of course, leads fallen leaves and nights that — too quickly, it seems — turn from brisk to cool to cold. Those cold nights and colder days inevitably lead to snow, the precious powder for which our valley is so famous. Even now, powder days can’t come quickly enough for many of us.

But until the seasons truly change from the warm, green glory of summer to the thrill of what we hope will be a powder-packed winter, we have this month.

Go. Get out. Revel in the still-warm days to come, even as harbingers of winter start to appear.

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