Vail Daily editorial: Support your local legislator |

Vail Daily editorial: Support your local legislator

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

You could scour the countryside and you’ll find no one better than Jean White and Millie Hamner to represent us in Colorado’s state legislature.

Go ahead, scour away. We dare you.

Some members of our local Body Politic have their knickers in a twist because Hamner and White were both appointed to their respective seats by their parties’ vacancy committees – White, a Republican, to the state Senate District 8 seat to succeed Al White, her husband of 30 years; and Hamner, a Democrat, to House District 56 to replace Christine Scanlan, who herself was originally appointed to the seat before twice winning it outright.

Yes, we understand that we have two representatives under Denver’s golden dome, and that that we didn’t vote for either of them.

And yes, we understand that it’s always better for the Body Politic to run full stride through the election process. But while we’re running, life happens.

Blame Gov. John Hickenlooper, if you must. It’ll be good practice, and he needs to get used to it.

Guv Hick made Scanlan his chief lobbyist, and we were fortunate enough to get Hamner, the superintendent of Summit County schools.

Then Hick tabbed Al White to run the state’s tourism board, and we were fortunate enough to get Jean, who already knows everything and everyone she needs to hit the Capitol next week swinging a full agenda like a Louisville Slugger.

Hamner is enduring a massive pay cut to take the House District 56 appointment, from around $150,000 as the superintendent to the $35,000 state legislator’s salary. And last summer, Hamner walked away from thousands of dollars in bonus money for which she was eligible. She asked that the money be put back into the Summit school district’s general fund, saying it wouldn’t be right to take it when teachers and staff are being laid off. That didn’t happen in the Eagle County district.

Jean White is putting her private businesses on hold to serve in the state Senate.

No, Eagle County, we did not vote for either of these women this time.

But rest assured, if they decide to run for another term we’ll vote for them next time.

And we’ll encourage you to do the same.

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