Vail Daily Fashion: ‘A return to the ’80s’ |

Vail Daily Fashion: ‘A return to the ’80s’

Kimberly NicolettiSummit Daily NewsVail, CO Colorado
Summit Daily/Mark FoxVail Daily Fashion: Leggings and oversized shirts, particularly with designs like ruffles, are trendy this year.

It’s not quite, like, the gag-me-with-a-spoon Valley Girl look of the 1980s, but it’s still totally tubular.Like all trends in fashion, styles of decades past tend to loop back with a vengeance; as soon as the teenagers and 20-somethings of a particular decade (let’s say 1970s) grow up, move a couple times, gain a few pounds and finally throw out those spider jeans and bellbottoms – boom, the threads come back in style, and those now 40-somethings find their teen daughters running around in fashion that can almost be described as a “mini me,” back in the day.This summer, it’s all about the ’80s: skinny jeans, leggings (or “jeggings,” as the updated verbiage has it), oversized tops and blinged-out blouses and jewelry. Look for zipper details, metal studs and ruffles on dresses and tunics, paired with short or long leggings (which often mimic jeans material). In contrast to tightly wrapped legs, loose, flouncy shorts are pretty bangin’ too.”It is just a return to the ’80s,” said Karen Pflueger, assistant manager of Big City Blues in Breckenridge. “(The leggings) show off your little legs, and I like the big tops with them because then it balances it out.”With a touch of the 1960s, that is: Long, flowing hippie dresses are always in style, according to Michelle Herritage, sales associate at Canary in a Clothesmine in Breckenridge. Tie-dye oversized shirts also are popular, as are tie-dye accessories, like scarves – and even flip-flops.

And Material-Girl-Madonna lovers, rejoice: Gloves – both short and long, delicate French mesh-polka-dotted, fingerless leather and fingerless crocheted – get a thumbs up again. The fingerless glove rage started with wool versions, practical for outdoor toilers, from construction workers to teachers. With the main fashion trend from Paris and New York emphasizing a more feminine look, according to Sheri Spurlock, owner of Hand & Glove in Breckenridge, the fingerless look is flirty. And, there’s no need to wait for a fancy gathering to don gloves; women can wear them any time, for a fun evening out. So as not to look totally ’80s, Valleygirl Boutique sales rep Rose Steadman suggests updating the skinny-leg, big-upper-body style with “accessories and jewelry (that) will bring it into a more modern look.”A particularly Western look pairs cowboy boots with sundresses – and even mini skirts, Herritage said. Although in Colorado, “pretty much anything goes; you can dress anything up with jeans,” said Valleygirl Boutique’s sales associate Lizzie Farnsworth. Gladiator sandals, which strap well above the ankle, add a rugged, yet stylized, look.

Just keep in mind that fashion has returned to a flowery, flowing, feminine flair.Spurlock described the last, outdated fashion trend as “a little utilitarian – a lot of black and dark colors.” It turns out that this year, “brown is the new black … and contrasting color is huge now,” she said.”Orange is really big this year,” Pflueger said, pointing to several oversized screaming orange tops.Turquoise and purples also top the list, according to several clothing store representatives throughout the county.Bold colors aren’t just restricting their expression to fabric: colored shoes, particularly sandals, are hot, said Christy Campton, owner of Rivers Clothing Company in Frisco, and sparkly, inexpensive necklaces, bracelets and chunky rings (the latter of which Herritage says is “the only accessory you need”) are just about required. Women also are sporting whimsical watches and bright lips, said Sarah Applestein of Goods in Breckenridge.”I think people are really going for color again,” said Kari Reiquam, sales associate at Cornflower Boutique in Frisco. “Instead of something bland, they want something more vibrant.”

Funky, big-flowered dresses and cute tank tops and T’s are in, said Sarah Anderson at Ardent Style in Frisco. Pastels are also blossoming this summer, said Cathy Lishermess, sales associate at Wyatt West in Frisco.”People are starting to loosen up, (getting) out of being frugal and tight with a lot of anxiety,” Reiquam said.While Herritage said the ’80s expression has been around for a couple of years, Pflueger noticed people getting amped about it in the last six months. Still, we might only have another year or so before it’s bagged, Herritage said. So next time you go scrapin’, don’t be an airhead: Dress bombdigity. Big hats, large purses, jeggings, tunics and bright scarves are, like, bitchin’.

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