Vail Daily fashion column: Look cute while camping |

Vail Daily fashion column: Look cute while camping

Jennifer Geisman
Haute Alpine Couture
Aventura Lantana Hoodie ($72, Pinecones) .
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Summer is traditionally the season of Bain de Soleil, exotic beachfronts and sipping tropical bevvies in an elegant bikini. But, what happens when that sun-kissed fantasy quickly fades as your new, McDreamy reveals that he has been harboring his mountain man instincts and has booked you on his version of the tropical vacation? Yep, that’s right, couture queens, you’re going camping! Don’t let your fashionista nature ruin the chance to get to know your hot beau — you can still look super-cute still while camping. All you need is a toothbrush and these must-haves for your outdoor adventure.

Looking red carpet ready for an overnight stay in the wilderness can throw a wrench into your whole capture-his-attention plans. Don’t let a little dirt and perspiration fling you for a loop. Wearing anything made with merino wool is key to staying cool and dry. The fabric offers temperature control and is naturally odor resistant (phew!). The Ibex OD Hoody ($49.99, Ptarmigan Sports) is made with 100 percent New Zealand merino wool, which is lightweight and will keep the heat where it is supposed to be – inside your tent for two. Short sleeved, this hoody is perfect alone to show off you toned triceps or can be a top layer over you favorite long sleeved tee. For late-summer, frosty mornings or an unexpected thunder shower, the Ibex VT Hoody ($69.99, Ptarmigan Sports) is made with a mid-weight, jersey knit merino that is soft, comfortable and a simple throw-on layer. The Aventura Lantana Hoodie ($72, Pinecones) is also a super-light layer that will shield you from dropping temps and the Meadow Mauve ombre will add a sun-kissed glow to your sans makeup cheeks.

Highlight your assets

Camping gives you the opportunity to show off your assets, including strong, bronzed legs. Don shorts that will flatter your silhouette while at the same time allow you the ease and comfort for what the day brings. The Aventura Rowan Short ($62, Pinecones) is uber-flattering in spiced coral and the eco-friendly fabric of the Aventura Linden Short ($62, Pinecones), which is a blend of hemp and organic cotton, won’t give you that crunchy, itchy feel during your hikes.

It is challenging to look perfectly coiffed during a camping trip — in fact, it is virtually impossible not to boast a rat’s nest on your head. Megan Rowell, hairstylist, W Salon in Edwards says that beauty conundrum can easily be resolved with a simple braid or ponytail.

“Using your natural part, braid the front sides and secure with bobby pins. Then pull the remaining hair into a low bun with non-metal hair band,” Rowell said. “Use additional bobby pins to secure the two side braids under your bun.”

This coquet, milkmaid style will keep hair from becoming a torturous mess throughout your trip. Another great styling option is a mid-ponytail, leaving front sections out and then pinning them around the pony. Rowell says this look gives you a perky cheerleader look for campfire photos.

Not all of us can pretend that getting dirty on the campgrounds is our forte. When you think of all Instagram and Snapchats going on during a camping trip, looking your best is an essential part of your travels. Although a hot shower may be miles and miles away, keeping those greasy strands off your face is something to think about. If your guy is planning a much longer trek than you anticipated, investing in a dry shampoo is a camping-must. The volumizing Meta Revive Dry Shampoo with Cedar Bark (full-size: $25; travel-size: $15, CosBar) will boost any collapsed style that has seen a few too many thunder and dust storms. This spray revives limp locks and gives your scalp a mid-camping trip cleansing. Formulated with cedar bark extract from the mountains of Morocco, the Meta Revive Dry Shampoo clarifies, balances and restores without stickiness or bug-attracting scents.

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