Vail Daily health column: Health benefits of tickle lipo |

Vail Daily health column: Health benefits of tickle lipo

Dr. Scott Brandt of ThriveMD offers regenerative and restorative medicine, specializing in minimally-invasive stem cell therapies to repair traumatic joint injuries.
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Tickle lipo is a popular term for nutational infrasonic liposculpture. The out-patient procedure, which originated in Europe, is minimally invasive and innovative — a low frequency infrasonic vibration removes the most stubborn and unwanted fat, without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. The patient pool ranges from those who have had serious weight issues for years to those who exercise often but just can’t get rid of their love handles.

In addition to the obvious benefits of contour improvement and quick weight loss, tickle lipo also offers health benefits that are often overlooked. The following are four positive side effects that patients get from the procedure.

Reduce harmful blood fat

A plastic surgery study quoted in Los Angeles Times suggests that “the cosmetic procedure that removes fat from well-padded areas of the body may also reduce harmful fat circulating in the blood.”

The particular type of body fat, triglyceride, was reduced by 43 percent among patients suffering from high levels. The amount is significantly higher than what is commonly achieved by cholesterol-lowering drugs. The findings support other studies claiming that fat deposited underneath the skin, which can be removed through tickle lipo, has a considerable metabolic role.

There is a need for more research in the area, but the current findings lead to conclusions that tickle lipo decreases risks of “heart disease, stroke and diabetes.”

Reduce inflammatory cells

In the same study, liposculpture was also found to decrease the count of inflammatory white cells. That leads to a grounded assumption of a decreased risk of heart (cardiovascular) disease. Together with the effect on triglycerides, tickle lipo can thus decrease heart disease risk in two different ways.

Boost mobility

What is very common to see among patients after their tickle lipo procedure is a boost of health as a result of both psychological and physical changes. Mental changes come along with positive feedback from friends and colleagues that slimmer contour brings. People have the tendency to appreciate others’ concern about one’s own health. The patient feels more attractive, enjoys increased confidence, better work environment interaction and an improved sex life.

In addition, we find psychological health benefits to quickly translate into a boost of motivation. Patients who have long felt stuck in their unhealthy routines now embrace new healthy eating and exercising habits.

A powerful physical health benefit of tickle lipo is improved mobility. Fat deposits around your hips, other joints, abdomen and waist are now smaller and do not restrain you from movement. Patients can enjoy activities they could not engage in for years, and engage in sports they have not tried before. Having our clinic based in the Vail Valley, where sports are an important part of social life, we see the mobility benefit as a major contributor to increased quality of life. As our colleagues in the tickle lipo field note, tickle lipo patients walk with better posture and increased comfort.

Improve overall happiness

To make sure that patients are happy with results of their tickle lipo procedure, it is important to go through a one-on-one consultation first. The paragraphs above make an obvious point of how tickle lipo contributes to improving overall happiness of patients — but there is more to it.

Reduction in harmful blood fat, reduction in inflammatory cells, healthier lifestyle and increased mobility all have both immediate and long-term benefits. These make patients happier, and the process does not stop there. A person happy because of specific improvements is likely to enjoy better health in general and live longer. Moreover, knowing that happiness is contagious, happier patients are expected to have a positive impact on their family, friends and community.

ThriveMD in Vail offers tickle lipo to both male and female patients.

Dr. Scott Brandt, of ThriveMD, offers regenerative and restorative medicine, specializing in minimally-invasive stem cell therapies to repair traumatic joint injuries. One of the few physicians in the nation trained in same-day, in-office stem cell therapy, Brandt is available for consultation. For more information, call 970-766-8245 or visit

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