Vail Daily health tips: Get healthy. Play hard. |

Vail Daily health tips: Get healthy. Play hard.

Allen Smith, M.A.
Howard Head health tips
Vail CO Colorado

VAIL – For those of us who enjoy an active lifestyle, the Vail Valley is an infinite playground for skiing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and other outdoor sports. It’s the reason why many of us have made the valley our home. But, all of that activity can often lead to tired muscles and a wide variety of sprains, strains and sometimes more serious injuries.

The best way to avoid sports injuries is to maintain a strong, flexible body that can withstand the rigors of participation in sports. By keeping fit all year round, you can often avoid being sidelined with injuries and stay active.

Beginning this month, Howard Head Sports Medicine will feature a bi-weekly series of articles aimed at helping you stay healthy and fit, with an emphasis on the most popular sports of the current season. The series will address a wide range of topics, from managing your weight to advice on dealing with common golf, skiing, cycling and kayaking injuries. Some of the topics will address breakthroughs in hand, elbow, shoulder and knee therapy. Others will feature conditions that result from the aging process, such as arthrofibrosis (knee stiffness), shoulder injuries and total knee replacements.

“We have experts in rehabilitating the hand, knee, hip, back and every other part of the body,” says Steve Stalzer, MSPT and regional president of Howard Head Sports Medicine. “Our therapists can help rehabilitate all of your sports injuries, from simple sprains to complete hip replacements.”

The therapists at Howard Head Sports Medicine can help you with post-surgical treatment as well as recovery from other injuries not requiring a visit to the operating room. Many injuries, like a strained hamstring, do not require surgery but do benefit from a physical therapist designing a treatment plan to help you get back on your feet.

Howard Head Sports Medicine has eleven clinics in Colorado with more than 55 licensed physical and occupational therapists. For more information, please visit or email To make an appointment for therapy, call Howard Head Sports Medicine at (888) 652-7640.

Allen Smith, M.A. is an award winning freelance writer and clinical exercise physiologist living in Vail, CO. He can be reached by visiting

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