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HIT: To polls, even if 66.7 percent of us find them useless. (We took a poll. Or was that The Onion?)

HIT: To candidates for governor visiting our community in person. The likely winner has been up several times now. Maybe that’s the difference! Let’s do a poll.

HIT: To positive tourist figures for the summer in Vail and Beaver Creek. Lodging and sales tax numbers ticked up a little to help an otherwise flat year in the resort communities. Countywide numbers show flat to slight decline outside the visitor economy, not counting real estate, development and construction. It’s a new normal, all right. Snow farming is in again.

HIT: To the silver lining in downturns, thin as that is for too many right now. You do learn more about yourself, your core values and at best learn to appreciate the supposedly small things in life. It’s a hard, hard way to make changes, but there’s good reason that some of the biggest innovations in business and technology come in the midst of recessions.

HIT: To a compilation CD of various artists to raise funds for tsunami victims in Southeast Asia. Hunter Payne, president and founder of Aid Still Required, wrote after reading a column about Ani Difranco: “Thought it might interest you to know that Ani, Paul McCartney, John Lennon (well, Yoko), Eric Clapton, Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Shawn Colvin, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne and many others have donated tracks to our new compilation CD. I handpicked almost every track so the record sounds bitchin’ — several live tracks (better than the originals) and a bunch of hard-to-finds. Proceeds will fund projects we’re supporting for survivors of the 2004 tsunami. Yes, the tsunami. Few westerners know that tens of thousands are still struggling over there. The CD’s been endorsed by President Clinton’s UN office.” See

HIT: To David Dillon and Elizabeth Myers for recent guest columns focusing on the challenges with suicide and help available for those at risk. Their willingness to make the effort and share make a difference for the better. Don’t need a poll to know that.

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