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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

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HIT: From reader and hunter Lorenzo Sandoval to travelers – expecially mountain bikers -wearing orange while in the wilds these days during hunting season. The cyclists in particular can appear to be moving through the woods in ways that can fool inexperienced hunters watching from a distance. Best playing safe and avoiding the chance of a terrible accident.

HIT: To the Vail Town Council doing the right thing to reject the thoroughly unfriendly idea of charging in the parking structures after 3 p.m. this winter. This flash of good sense was very good to see. The current parking prices frankly are unfriendly enough to visitors with the poor fortune to drive to Vail – from just west as well as the Front Range to the east. Adding on a $3 charge at night would only add to the sense that the resort town really doesn’t appreciate the locals or drive-ins very much.

MISS: To maybe a little exaggeration in marketing claims about’s pull in bringing visitors to Vail last summer. actually had more traffic, mostly from Front Range viewers who have an interest – OK, passion – for Vail. Not as sexy, perhaps, but the ol’ newspaper and associated website still has some pop, if not so much sizzle in presentations to town councils.

HIT: To the Eagle County commissioners doing their part to help State Bridge Lodge up from the ashes of that fire in June 2007. Get some concerts going there again and who knows, maybe there will be a rebuilt lodge there some day.

HIT: To the well-timed return of rain to High Country to make darn sure there will be no possibility of a Fourmile up here this year. Assuredly, though, the big one will hit the teflon forest.

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