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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

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Send your Hit or Miss to To Martin Sexton and the Vilar Center for the Underground Sound concert series. On Sunday night Martin Sexton and his opening act, Leslie Stevens, got the Vilar Center crowd doing something we rarely see at the venue: Singing along joyfully. Sexton gave an enthusiastic, heartfelt performance that included a fair amount of yodeling, beatboxing, and singing sans microphone. For this affordably priced off-season music series, drinks are also allowed in the theater, something that’s never happened, and that may have helped get the crowd moving too. Bravo!MISS: To town of Vail and Vail Resorts officials maybe sometimes wearing their frustrations with one another too much on their sleeves. The mutually beneficial relationship – and and sometimes mutually dysfunctional, to be frank – is not such that one or the other can sever. All things considered, the town is extremely fortunate to have the most competent ski company in the business as a partner, and the ski company is fortunate in turn to have the best ski mountain and fully democratic town as a partner. One leads to the other and back again. There are ways to disagree and outline where visions diverge without coming across as siblings squabbling. HIT: To the latest Vail chef making a splash on television. This time it’s former Lodge at Vail Executive Chef Rahm Fama and his new show on the Food Network. He gets to travel the country for “Meat & Potatoes,” running on Fridays. He follows Kelly Liken’s star turn in “Top Chef.” How much time before Vail herself nets a show starring all those great restaurants?HIT: To peak color. Get into it while you can, as the leaves are leaving quickly now. HIT: To Wild West Day, which over the years has become an absolute must for generations of parents with young kids who make them go to 4 Eagle Ranch this time of year for the pure kid fun. Attendance last Sunday was estimated at more than 3,000. The funds from all that fun go to the public elementary schools. Call that a win-win for the kids.MISS: To the mystery of the Gulf of Mexico oil, billions of gallons of the stuff. Where did it go? Is this catastrophe just moving very slowly or did all that coastline really dodge the bulk of the glop that was expected? MISS: To pro sports down in Denver. The Rockies at least made it exciting with a nice winning streak that nudged them in range of the playoffs. Carmelo Anthony, “LeBron West,” is making things exciting in weirdly wrong ways (A trade with the Nets or 76ers? Really?) And, it’s early to hop off the Broncos bus, but so far the rebuilding path looks like a long one.HIT: To the new Interfaith Chapel just completed in Edwards, another example of how this community is unsurpassed in its ability to work together when people set their minds to it.

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