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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

HIT: To what is shaping up to be a great opening day at Vail Mountain this year. This won’t be one of those “white ribbon of death” days, no sir. We’re talking a nice chunk of the front side ready to go. Note to Mother Nature: Keep those storms coming.

MISS: To critics from out of town being as ridiculous as they holler that the district attorney has been in his decisions about a plea bargain in a serious hit-and-run case. Forget about apples and oranges. These folks are applying apples-and-snowfields logic as they vow never to visit the Vail Valley because they are outraged at the district attorney? Plenty of locals are no less outraged, but they aren’t going to stop skiing just because the DA made a mistake.

HIT: To incumbent Sheriff Joe Hoy and challenger James van Beek running strong, clean and in the end exciting campaigns for the top law enforcement office in the county. Out of more than 13,500 votes cast in this race, Hoy ended up 83 votes ahead, a whisker. There’s also a message in the closeness of the election for the incumbent to think carefully about and make some changes as a result. In other words, the closeness of the results is pretty far from a mandate for business as usual.

HIT: To the Eagle Valley High School and Vail Christian High School volleyball teams representing the valley well in the state playoffs this year. Both teams can hold their heads high as they made their fans proud.

HIT: To some fresh, cold and healthy optimism blowing through the valley with each bit of snow. The Thanksgiving crowd certainly is in luck this year.

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