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HIT: To Wednesday’s Colorado Gives Day raising $8 million this week for nonprofits including some worthy ones in our valley: Salvation Army, SOS, Roundup River Ranch and the Vail Valley Foundation. The goal was $1 million in the online fiesta of giving through the Community First Foundation and FirstBank. Nice job there.

HIT: To New Belgium Brewing’s Jeff, who, in the spirit of beer rangers everywhere, gave the Vail Daily’s Wren Wertin some Ranger IPA to try after she mouthed off about a lesser quality macro beer. According to the New Belgium rep, beer rangers do their best to protect, to pour and to partake.

HIT: To Vin 48, Avon’s wine bar, which isn’t too proud to have a perfectly cooked and tender fried chicken leg on its small-plates menu, which also includes fancier items like sea scallops, pork belly and duck confit sliders.

MISS: To too many parking spots open in the Vail parking structures these early days of the new ski season – one with great snow. Nice for the folks who do make it to the mountain, but maybe not so much for the businesses that rely on visitors.

MISS: To no ski races scheduled during the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships at Vail Mountain. Nice try with calling Vail “celebration central” for the big event while Beaver Creek gets the actual races. If only one venue for the racing makes sense economically, why not make that venue Vail? That’s where the true heritage is, after all.

HIT: To third-graders still being thrilled by a gift of old-fashioned ink-and-paper in the form of dictionaries donated by the Rotary Club.

HIT: To pretty good business numbers, all things considered, for Vail Resorts, The Company of our company town even though you would have the wrong answer to the trivia question: What’s the name of the ski resort company based in Vail? Hey, just one more weirdness about this great, quirky and completely wacky place where over 70 percent of the homeowners don’t live.

Yes, we digress. But still, the company that’s so big and powerful that too many fools love to hate for just that very reason continues to show why it’s the best company of its type. For that even the haters should be very thankful.

HIT/MISS? To the Bookworm selling Google e-Books. Speaking of companies grown too large and pervasive, consider the irony of our favorite independent bookstore helping the devil erode the independent bookstore genre.

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