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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

HIT: To the choice of Republican state Sen. Al White to head the state director of tourism in Democratic John Hickenloopers administration. Smart choice by the governor-to-be. White is one of those intellectual conservatives who has stayed relatively free of obnoxious and disruptive partisanship while focusing on doing what’s best for the people of Colorado.

HIT: To the idea of dressing up Ford Park with renovations to the Ford Amphitheater entrance, improved lawn seating, a pavilion at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, expanding those gardens and other improvements on tap.

MISS: To our recent Whistler conditions. You know, rain down low and warm enough to melt the ice at Nottingham Lake. Enough with that junk.

HIT: Generally lots of snow, though, so can’t complain too much this early season, right? Even if we didn’t get the feet forecast, it’s still been a bountiful season so far.

MISS: To foreclosures fast approaching an annual record in Eagle County. The 596 properties as of Monday in 2010 match up with 599 in 1987. Colorado ranks 10th in the country for foreclosures with one per 433 households. Pity No. 1 Nevada, with one in every 99 households facing this catastrophe.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn making a move and taking over the World Cup season lead, adding wins to her American record total in the past week.

MISS: To the father who punched a 14-year-old girl who bumped into his 4-year-old son on a bunny slope last week. Yes, we love and aim to protect out kids, but that was ridiculous. Vail Resorts is right to ban him from its resorts, apologies notwithstanding. Part of being a grownup includes managing to restrain yourself from punching girls for any reason.

HIT: To all the cool parts of a Vail Valley Christmas, from the skiing to the apres and all the cultural events available to visitors and those of us fortunate enough to call this place home.

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