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HIT: To more snow. Keep it coming. Heathrow and New York may not be so fond of the white stuff, but we definitely can handle it.

HIT: On balance to the decade we are about to put in the rearview mirror. It had its fair share of tragedy, as well as some triumph and the second half was marked by one whale of a bubble, which popped. Onward now, to the next decade of adventure.

HIT: To the caller with the important, crucial message, “listen up!” “The recession is over!” Enough whining, being down, glum, sore and all that. It’s just over, so over. Let’s get prosperous. Or something like that. He was speaking fast and seemed to be on his way to get some skiing in.

HIT: To holiday crowds reminiscent of the old days in Vail and Beaver Creek.

HIT: To The Ascent – formerly The Gates and informally for years as the No Go Chateau – figuring out how to kick off some sales of units at the condos next to the Beaver Creek Gate. The location is not perfect, but it’s not so bad either, enough so that the right pricing made enough difference to pick up 14 units under contract on the first day of sales.

HIT: To families gathering together here, whether visitors who know exactly how the season is best celebrated or local families with kids at college or grown up altogether but returned to the nest for a few great days. And especially to young families with young, young children. Then this is pure magic.

MISS: To burglars and other scum. May you be caught and swiftly.

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