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Vail Daily Hits & Misses

Vail Daily StaffVail, CO, Colorado

You can send your Hit or Miss to Don Rogers at or call 970-748-2920.HIT: To the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo. Another big hit. See you next year. HIT: To Bravo!Let’s call it bravo! to Bravo! Big thanks to Yo-Yo Ma, Eugenia Zukerman, the New York, Philadelphia and Dallas symphony orchestras. Zukerman put in the last of 13 years this season as the music festival’s artistic director in addition to being one of the top flutists in the world. An embarrassment of riches, in addition to good looks and musical talent off the charts, she’s a novelist, screenwriter and CBS journalist on the national and world stage. HIT: To the Eagle County Regional Airport. There’s a reason it was Aspen’s airport losing two of three airlines flying in this coming winter. Local air experts are trying to sound disappointed and spin this as bad news for our valley. Truly, though, this is a great opportunity for Vail and Beaver Creek, especially if those far-flung “destination” skiers start scratching that itch to ski en mass again. It’s all about convenience, and a good chance for these folks to discover that we’ve got better places to ski anyway. MISS/HIT: To our wet spring and summer. We want more sunshine for afternoons and evenings exploring the great outdoors. Not to mention making the lawn at the Ford Amphitheater glorious rather than sodden at concerts and the dance festival. We need the rain to keep fire season and drought at bay. It’s the ol’ silver lining thing. Meantime, get your bike ride or hike in early.HIT: To Dr. Michael Schneider and his Vail Valley 9.12 Project scheduling Tom Tancredo to speak at the Eagle County government building on Aug. 14 in part to explain why he’s running for governor. Timing is everything. Should be an interesting discussion.HIT: To Democrats and Republicans voting in their primaries. You should have your ballot in the mail. Deadline is Aug. 10. Interesting races are the Republican primary for sheriff and the thoroughly scrambled up governor’s race, especially with the tea party candidacy of ex-U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo. The Democrats have nothing going to speak of locally, but an interesting race for the party’s Senate nominee.

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