Vail Daily Human Hints: Only who we are right now matters |

Vail Daily Human Hints: Only who we are right now matters

Quentin Danziger
Human Hints
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – I have a confession for you, dear readers. I enjoy pro football. My justifications are both numerous and complex.

Although the salaries are beyond obscene, the money generated by the National Football League and its associates help communities and kids tremendously, in ways no one else can. The kids’ passion provides a hook to pull them away from the negative forces that dominate their lives.

Last season, I noticed the post-game interview of an NFL star whose efforts had just won the game. He gasped for breath as he wiped rivers of glistening sweat from his face. Beaming with life force, he strained to gain his composure against the chaotic celebration surrounding him. I don’t remember his name, and I don’t’ remember the question he was asked, but his seemingly simplistic answer could not mask the profound potential held within his words.

“It is what it is. And sometimes it is what it isn’t. But we are who we are right now and that’s what matters.”

“It is what it is.” We cannot argue with this. This has become a common saying in the US. As goofy as it sounds at face value, the power of this simple phrase over the mind is tremendous.

When we approach bad news and setbacks from the mindset of “It is what it is,” we immediately separate our emotions from the situation. The only thing we can do is accept the facts and go from there. “It is what it is, now what do we do.”

“Sometimes it is what it isn’t.” The reality that we make up in our mind is often vastly different than the facts. Our emotions and hormones are constantly manipulating our thoughts, forcing them into places that hold no similarity whatsoever to facts.

We must remain vigilant in our own minds, constantly stopping our thoughts from wandering too far from facts. Some of us are better than others at this. Many of us make things up in our minds just for the excitement, because the facts are too monotonous to face without a little distraction, even if it’s only in our mind.

“We are who we are right now.” Again, we find that stating the obvious can illuminate profound insight. We are not who we were years ago, last month or even yesterday. We are who we are right now.

Given the exact same situation, the way we act, think and feel in this moment is different than a few hours ago. Whether the change is slight or dramatic, we become a different person in every moment.

“And that’s what matters.” All that matters is who we are right now. The past helped us become who we are, and we hold power in this now moment. Our actions, thoughts and feelings right now define who we are in this moment. What happened to us in the past is meaningless. What will happen in our future is way beyond our capacity to see or understand. Only who we are right now matters.

Quentin is a Vail resident. He has a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from Colorado School of Mines. He can be reached at To receive this column in your daily e-mail, go to

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