Vail Daily Human Hints: Outsmart your resistance to abundance |

Vail Daily Human Hints: Outsmart your resistance to abundance

Quentin Danziger
Human Hints
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado — To become abundant in areas that you think you lack, you must focus on the abundance already in your life. Find the abundance that surrounds you.

It is a natural human reaction to take abundance for granted, so it will remain hidden until you notice it. When you focus on the feeling of abundance, you will magnify that energy.

When you focus on the good things that are already plentiful in your life, you empower that energy. Your emotion, together with your thoughts and actions, determine your future and create your life. The energy and focus you apply over time determines the speed and accuracy of your manifestation.

When we commit to a goal, we must know that it will become reality. This means that opportunities will cross our paths and change will occur. We must be open to see the opportunities that will present themselves, and we must have the courage to act on them. We must allow and embrace change when we ask for it. We do get what we ask for, especially when we also act and feel with focused intent.

The best way to deal with self-doubt is to accept it as a natural part of the process, then use it to sharpen your focus. Strengthen the issues that cause you doubt.

Don’t be afraid of success, for fear is often the reason we fail. We can come up with any number of reasons to avoid our own success, most of which are completely unknown to us.

Our change can test our relationships. Changes within us can make others uncomfortable. Too often, we sacrifice our own success for other people’s comfort.

We must tune our minds to the frequency of abundance. When we align with the energy of abundance, our lives will probably change. We must remain steadfast in the pursuit of our dreams.

The people who truly love us unconditionally (there is no such thing as conditional love) will stay with us, while those who seek to control and suppress us will vanish.

Quentin Danziger is a Vail resident. He has a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from Colorado School of Mines. He can be reached at To receive this column in your daily e-mail, go to

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