Vail Daily introduces new advice columnist |

Vail Daily introduces new advice columnist

Got that thorn in your side? A co-worker who cries all day long? Lack of mojo? Too much mojo?

Join the club. Not only am I the president, but I’m also a member.

Growing up I’d listen to my mom and her sisters discuss everything ranging from how to sand a table to broken hearts. As I grew older I lived my own trials and tribulations – bullying, the loss of a parent, high academics and ambitions, sex, drugs and rock-n-roll – only to find myself a young, single mother who didn’t know the magic to keep her my daughter happy. I’m finally living in a way my daughter can do as I do and not just as I say. Honey, you gotta sin to be saved!

So to you I offer a place to release, and find relief. A safe zone to vent. You can give your girlfriends, husbands and fellow cubicle dwellers a break from your personal obstacles, your pet peeves and burning desires. Nothing is too taboo in my book; I’ve done my share, and your share too.

Here are the rules of the game:

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1. Anonymity is key. No judgments will be passed by myself or our community.

2. Local businesses, schools, or group organizations must be generalized, never specific.

3. Submit your questions to

Positively puzzled

Dear Perrine,

I just moved to Eagle-Vail in a complex where my landlord strongly made the point of keeping my dog on a leash and picking up after his business. I want to keep my dog in my home with me, so I do what she told me. Every single time I walk him I go to the doggie stand, pull my bag, fill it and throw it in the very accessible trash that is visible for the whole neighborhood to see. Every morning I sit on my deck drinking my coffee and watch the people and their dogs go by and see the same thing everyday: dang dogs fertilizing the golf course without a doggie bag to dump. I hate going out walking on eggshells trying not to step in doggie surprise. It pisses me off to high heaven morning, noon and night.

How do I get the point across to people to quit being so lazy and totally disregarding other people’s shoes?

– Poop patrol

Dear Poop patrol,

I hear you! I’ve seen those neon green bags on the trail just laying on the ground, right next to the trash can our county so bountifully provides for our visitors and residents. Seriously? The stuff inside the bag is biodegradable, not the bag itself.

This reminds me of an episode of Parks and Recreations where Leslie Knope starts getting pommeled with packages of puppy poo by a bunch of punks. Maybe that would be a great option for you!

In all seriousness, take the higher road. You know this valley is a giant fishbowl and everybody watches everybody. Set a good example by continuing to kindly and respectfully pick up after your best friend. Do the next right thing by being an upstanding citizen.

You can’t control their actions, but you can control how you behave.

Perrine Vogt has been a local resident off and on for 10 years. She now resides in Eagle-Vail. Have a question for her? Email

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