Vail Daily letter: $100 offer for Minturn logo |

Vail Daily letter: $100 offer for Minturn logo

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

Well, it seems that people like my ideas.

Minturn has started an e-mail notification system and is starting to design a welcome sign for the entryway to Minturn.

I did not get elected to the town council, but they use my ideas. That is OK as long as they use my other ideas to get the money from Dean Adler, improve Minturn for families and make Minturn a safer town.

Minturn has gone to a sign design company instead of going to the Minturn citizens first.

At their last meeting, the council said they had no idea on how to inform citizens about getting them their sign idea.

Here is how: Write a letter to the Vail Daily and make it a contest. Contest was someone else’s idea in the audience. So I will step up where our council is lacking and offer a $100 award to the winning design.

If Minturn chooses your sign design, I will give you $100.

If other businesses in town want to give something, let me know.

Let’s make this fun and good for Minturn. Let’s involve the Minturn Citizen.

As of the writing of this letter, I have not informed the ouncil or the town of my offer because it takes them to long to decide. So if you submit a design you have to let me know and if it is the design they pick, you get the money.

I will not be part of the judging and I only want to help promote Minturn and this is a small start.

The only fine print I have is that the design comes from a Minturn resident, you have to give me your design before any vote, and only to one person. My website at http://www.minturntimes has more info.

We also need an information sign at the entryway to town. That was an idea from a longtime local.

Now beware, Minturn citizen, because this council is set to get us in debt, meaning higher taxes.

A bridge loan from Dean Adler for millions of dollars is about to go through. It is for forest land so Minturn can build hundreds of affordable housing units. I do not want this. It is only a year loan and the only ways for Minturn to come up with the millions to pay it back are bad for the citizens.

I would rather have the Minturn council grow up and bury the hatchet with Vail and work with them on parking and get Minturn a ski lift.

Minturn has a long time hatred of Vail because of lost water rights that Minturn caused. Our council brags that they will not work with Vail — grow up.

Minturn is the oldest town in this valley, and it shows. Minturn has been around the longest, yet it is the least improved town in the valley.

How embarrassing.

Minturn needs to admit past mistakes and move on and work with Vail. Unless Minturn wants to bring back mining, our growth should be tied to Vail.

All of us have work because of Vail, second-home owners, etc. It is our economic engine and people who do not agree with this do not live in reality.

Minturn can either be known as a low-income, affordable-housing community, or we can be known as a destination resort with a lift to Vail.

Times have changed and we need to change. We should have changed already.

If the council doesn’t want to hold Dean Adler accountable for the $180 million, then forget him. Let him sit on his 5,300 acres and Superfund site. Minturn has options. Let’s explore them and move this town forward today, so my kids have a better town to live in.

Minturn should keep its heritage with a mining and railroad museum and having new buildings that look like a mining or railroad town and be creative, and Minturn can be unique.

Get your Minturn sign design in. Make a sketch, draw it by hand. It doesn’t have to be professional.

What do you think represents Minturn?

Frank Lorenti


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