Vail Daily letter: 1A deserves support |

Vail Daily letter: 1A deserves support

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Vail, CO Colorado

The 1A ballot initiative that you will receive in the mail this week deserves a ” yes” vote. The initiative allows the county the authority to create an Energy Smart Loan Program with the ability to lend money to Eagle County property owners for energy improve-ments. This will allow homeowners to make cost- effective, much- needed energy improvements to their proper-ties, paying back the loan as an assessment to their property taxes. This allows energy-saving improve-ments to be funded over a longer time period, allowing individual owners to increase energy efficiency without being burdened by high upfront improvement costs. This funding mechanism will create local construc-tion jobs and absolutely does not raise taxes on anyone who does not choose to participate in the program. I read a previous editorial in which the author voiced concerns about potential interest rates and closing costs. I am happy to see that these are the only concerns and that the merit of the program is not one of those concerns. As with any loan, interest rates will be determined at the time the program is established, so to quote an exact interest rate at this time would be disingenuous, just as it is for others to quote an interest rate from a different area with differ-ent market conditions.

In this voluntary program, proper-ty owners may choose any funding option available to them, including local banks, home equity loans, self-funding or the Energy Smart pro-gram, depending on which provides the best deal. A ” yes” vote on 1A will help create one additional funding option for property owners. No one is ever required to enter the program, and similar programs have been a huge success in other areas in the country, increasing energy efficiency and creating green jobs. There truly is no downside to voting “yes” on 1A to make this option available to those who wish to voluntarily enter the program.

Visit www. energysmarteagle. org for more information and a list of personal and business endorse-ments.

– Megan Gilman, Eagle-Vail

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