Vail Daily letter: 1A serves great purpose |

Vail Daily letter: 1A serves great purpose

Dominic F. Mauriello
Avon, CO Colorado

I am writing to show my support for the Ballot Measure 1A. I spent some time investigating this program and met with the county attorney’s office about the measure. After my research, I believe that this is a great program. Basically, the way it works is that there is a fund set up from which property owners who opt in can borrow money to do energy-smart types of improvements to their homes.

Unlike a typical loan, you pay back the loan and interest as a form of tax that shows up on the borrower’s tax bill. So the county is guaranteed to collect the loan repayment as it runs with the property even when the home is sold.

I support this measure because it is completely voluntary and serves a great purpose of helping make our older housing supply more energy efficient.

Dominic F. Mauriello


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