Vail Daily letter: 3B is worth it |

Vail Daily letter: 3B is worth it

Ellen Bodenhemier
Vail, CO Colorado

I am writing in regard to the heated topic of the proposed 3B ballot. I am the parent of a kindergartner attending Eagle Valley Elementary. Over the past few weeks, I have read many well-written letters with poignant statements and detailed plans on how we can save our schools, mostly through personnel cuts and just “tightening that frivolous spending.” I understand that everyone is fed up with the current economic state of our nation, and this might be a chance for everyone to vent.

I have a major problem with most of the equations, though. Most of them rely on this black-and-white ratio supposedly published back in April by the Vail Daily that for kindergarten through fifth grade, the student-to-teacher ratio is 20-to-1. That is not the case; my child is currently in a kindergarten class with a ratio of 26-to-1. I am sure there are other parents out there who can also vouch for large class sizes.

Every day, I am impressed with how the gym or art teacher substitutes when needed and at the end of the day how the teachers who have run all over the building and worked tirelessly still manage to smile at the future leaders of America. If the people writing these letters had the daily interaction that I do with the Eagle County school-system staff, they surely would not have this train of thought that the school system is administratively top heavy.

And a special note to Mark Hall: Wow, I did not even know there were people in this world who thought the way you do. You do know that you were once a child. I paid property taxes in this county for six years before I had children and just thought I was doing my part of living in this community. Should we start taxing the people who choose to use our public library more heavily because you did notice how much of your taxes went to “those” people? Maybe if you and your co-workers have all chosen not to have children, you could live in a smaller home and then have to pay less taxes to support “those” people who chose to have children.

I am sure most of you already may have drawn the conclusion, but I will be supporting 3B, and I think the fact that I have a child in the school system is irrelevant. I guess I just get what some others do not – that the children are our future and they are innocent and deserve the best chance they can be given, and right now that is all at stake. In the end, the $100 a year that it will raise my property taxes (yes, indefinitely, and I am not scared of that) is completely and unequivocally worth it to me.

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