Vail Daily letter: A balanced view |

Vail Daily letter: A balanced view

Ted Springer
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was pleased to read Diane Mitsch Bush’s commentary on the gun controversy, in particular her well-reasoned points regarding the various bills now awaiting a vote by the Colorado Senate. This in contradistinction to the adjacent “Valley Voices” column.

The first-mentioned was written by a well-informed and knowledgeable public servant, Ms. Bush, and in offering an even-handed opinion, displayed a keen insight into the various aspects of the controversy.

The second was written by someone, Mr. Solomon, who obviously has strong feelings on the subject (his perfect right), but it’s not unfair to point out that his business is to sell guns and ammunition. He mentions the Magpul Co. as one that is “working with all of us to prevent irrational legislative actions.” Magpul is, guess what, a seller of gun accessories and ammunition.

Rational people will disagree on what to do about violence and the part guns play in that violence, but I favor the kind of balanced approach exhibited by Ms. Bush.

Ted Springer


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