Vail Daily letter: A better direction |

Vail Daily letter: A better direction

Del Zopf
Vail, CO, Colorado

I always enjoy reading the Commentary section of the Vail Daily.

Jack Van Ens in My View is always interesting and provocative, but the Feb. 4 article requires a comment. With all do respect to the Rev. Van Ens, if his goal is to convert more readers to theological liberalism (my words), may I humbly offer some suggestions? Perhaps if he carefully and – more importantly – accurately portrayed the conservative view he seems to vehemently reject and statistically dismantle, then equally carefully demonstrates how liberalism would or has been a better course for our country, it might be more effective.

Noting the smirk of a prior president, a successful black executive as a huckster, the speed of blink reflex (or lack thereof) of a congresswomen, the adherence to the Catholic faith of a former senator as scary would appear to some of us who might not be privileged to the axis of virtue would appear to be more of an attack on the messenger than the message.

The burden of not being arrogant or narcissistic when one’s liberalism makes one always have the appropriate correct view must be difficult to bear.

A personal note: I have been fortunate to practice medicine in the private sector and with the military during the Vietnam War. Being a volunteer in the Sandinistas-Contras conflict in Latin America, struggling to develop a fee-for-service medical clinic in Latvia during the brutal Soviet occupation and fall and working with the Seva Foundation and World Health Organization in the Buddhist and Hindu country of Nepal has challenged and altered some of my deeply held and cherished world views.

One view that has not been altered upon returning to the United States is the strength and generosity of the American people. Capitalism and the free market system, with all its warts and failures, has raised more people from poverty and given hope and freedom to more people than any socialistic, theocracy, monarchy or dictatorial form of government.

The divisiveness and 24/7 campaigning of the present administration, along with a divisive Congress and courts, makes one apprehensive of the course our country is on. A thoughtful majority with respect for the views of thoughtful minority opposition would lower the coarseness of discussion and help solve some of the great problems we face.

No one party nor person has all the answers, but the American people deserve a government that puts what is best for our country above partisan bickering and posturing.

Del Zopf


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