Vail Daily letter: A better way for health-care reform |

Vail Daily letter: A better way for health-care reform

Stephanie Ratkowski
Vail, CO, Colorado

I know we need to do something about the rising cost of health care. But a government takeover without tort reform is not the answer.

I believe the fastest way and the way to make sure we get the best possible plan is to say that Congress, the president and all government employees must enroll in the same plan they are mandating we take.

We all also know something must be done with Social Security and Medicare. The above rule would work here, also.

If Congress had to stop the retirement plan they have (which is not the Social Security plan you and I pay into) and have to pay into Social Security and Medicare, you can bet the system would be fixed right away.

While we are on the issue of Congress and government employees not having to play by the same rules as us, let’s pass a law that says when a congressmen leaves office we do not keep paying his wage until the day he dies. Do you and I get paid from our old company when we retire or get fired (voted out) for the rest of our lives?

Stephanie Ratkowski


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