Vail Daily letter: A budding Gov. Flip-Flop? |

Vail Daily letter: A budding Gov. Flip-Flop?

Melody Q. Rhodes
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a Colorado native and having grown up on the Western Slope, I have core values which I would like to be reflected in my next Colorado governor.

First and foremost traits, I would like to see are honesty and integrity. I am not a “tea partier,” but I am upset with the current political climate. We cannot elect politicians who say one thing to one group and then say something different to another.

Case in point, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper can’t seem to make up his mind about climate change. He can’t tell a group in Copenhagen that he sees global warming as a serious problem and then months later tell a mining agency that the “certainty of climate change” isn’t absolute. This leaves many of us questioning: What is your position?

His indirectness and constant flip flopping on a sensitive issue like this is dishonest and says nothing about his integrity if he merely tells voters different things.

His position on topics like these is going to affect other areas under his influence, like the energy community. If global warming is a serious problem to him, than his policies will affect the oil and gas industry immensely. Thus they also affect the drowning economy, and job creation.

It is important for him and all other candidates to be clear about their positions on every issue so that we as voters know exactly what kinds of policies we are electing into office.

Melody Q. Rhodes


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