Vail Daily letter: A certain view |

Vail Daily letter: A certain view

All you bikers has done pushed my buttons, again. I for one caint believe all you whiners out there for not commending Mark Hurlbert for his decision to drop felony charges against that rich feller in Denver. We all know you bikers ain’t nuthin but a bunch a tights wearin freaks with messed up sexual agenders. Come on, people, ya know ya love to smoke them bikers out when ya pass em on Highway 6, damn sons a bitches lookin’ all sassy in them tight shorts like theys wearin underwear out in public or somethin’?

This rich feller done us a favor and we should give him some kinda award or somethin’. I would suggest a lift kit and some loud headers for that Mercedes of his so next time he can scare them poor bastards just before he hits ’em.

I for one love to see how close I can get my sideview mirror to their skinny little heads. Man I bet they crap their tight pants and think twice about riding next time … damn sons a mitches. I betcha last time it took me an extra 15 seconds to drive from Eagle to Edwards cuz there was so many of them dainty little freaks all over the road like they owned it or something.

Mark, thanks for making my roads safer by sending a message to them clown suit wearing bastards. Stay the hell off a my roads lessen you wants to get your tight little booty slapped into the middle a next week, bikin’ is for sissies.

Tim Taagen


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