Vail Daily letter: A cranky liberal’s view |

Vail Daily letter: A cranky liberal’s view

William Pintzow
Vail, CO, Colorado

According to Mr. Stephenson’s letter on “socialism,” I apparently had no incentive to work hard and better myself during the 48 years I worked and paid my taxes into the Social Security and Medicare systems because they were “socialistic.”

Now, in my later years, my own money that I put into the system is coming back to give me security from going bankrupt because of health problems. The Social Security check, again, is my own money coming back to help in my retirement years.

Thank God it was not privatized, a la Bush, so we could lose 40 percent of it in the stock market.

Medicare is not socialism because the doctors, hospitals and clinics are all private. It’s going broke because the age group it insures is old and medical costs for this group are many times what a younger group would be.

Yes, it needs reform from waste and fraud, but remember that for 45 years it has been a godsend for the elderly and there is no precondition or occupation exemption. Why not make it available for a larger group of Americans?

The administrative costs of Medicare are less than 5 percent compared with more than 20 percent for private insurance.

Perhaps we should give up Medicare and Social Security so people such as William McGuire, CEO of United Health Care, can add to his $124 million compensation? I mean, after all, we would then have all this initiative to work harder and improve ourselves.

Also, Mr. Stephenson mentioned that many Canadians come to the U.S. for medical care, but he did not mention that the Canadian health system pays them for their treatment here.

Many Americans also go overseas for health care, mainly for cost savings.

William Pintzow


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